Our Web Site Gets Lots of New Images

Paul_Kalra D3 APRIL 18 2012 HAWK 006

Photo by Paul Kalra

In addition to the linkage of each Canmore Camera Club members page to repositories like Flickr and SmugMug (Member Photo menu item), there are many member photos through out the site.  We anticipate even more images as more members get their “login” information.

As a site that promotes photography and learning about photography, we feel it is important that we show the images made by our members–and there are some really great ones.  However, we want everyone to be encouraged by viewing the images.  All of the members were beginners at one time and some of us still are.  Sharing our collective knowledge and experience and taking field trips helps us all to capture the moment, or find that great composition, or tell that story, or share that feeling.