Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 & Nik Software Complete Collection [Lightroom 5 ]

One of our members received an email promoting two software packages for a very low price.  The offering from iMixer Media was for Adobe Lightroom 5 and the NIK software collection.

The price for this offering is $129 USD.  It includes Lightroom 5 and the entire NIK  software collection.  The link for this bundle is:

However, there is a web review that suggests iMixer Media license codes are pirated or at least they stop working after the initial installation.  After a  quick perusal of the web, NIK software collection is selling  for $149 from NIK/GOOGLE.   Lightroom 5 is available for about in a variety of packages including student pricing and upgrades from about $90 to $149.

Both of these software packages can be very useful to photographers and some members of the Canmore Camera Club own one or both programs; some own neither.  Photographic work flow is an individual matter, and as a club, we neither support nor disparage any software program nor any camera make or model.